Thanks for your interest in this study. Our research would be impossible without the voluntary participation of people like you.

This experiment explores how we gather information about medical treatments and how we use that information to estimate their therapeutic effect. You will be shown information about a series of fictitious patients and will be asked to test a fictitious treatment in them. All the instructions will be presented on the display and the computer will store your responses. We will only record the decisions and judgments that you make during the experiment. When you finish the experiment, you will be given the chance to decide whether or not to submit this information for our analyses. We will also give you a full explanation of the purpose of the experiment and of the hypothesis we are testing with it.

No personal data will be recorded during the experiment, except your age and gender, if you decide to report this information. Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. The experiment comprises a single session lasting approximately 15 min. This research was reviewed by the KCL College Research Ethics Committee. You can find more information about the study and about its ethical approval in this link. If you agree to participate in this study after reading this information, click on the button below to begin the experiment.

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